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Update: You can read our Moto G6, Moto lớn G6 Plus, & Moto lớn G6 Play review!Not everyone wants, needs, or can afford a flagship-class smartphone, so we"re grateful to lớn have sầu a market with no shortage of mid-range phone options. But while those budget-priced offerings from some manufacturers feel like afterthoughts, other phone-makers have sầu earned well-deserved reputations for putting our real unique low-priced handsets that have sầu us coming back for more, year after year.

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That"s very much the case with Motorola, & while the br& experiments with modular hardware for its flagships, the affordable Moto G line has represented a more accessible alternative sầu since its first iteration debuted baông chồng in 2013.Today we"re checking out one of the latest entries khổng lồ this well-respected series, the Molớn G5S Plus. With dual cameras and a metal body toàn thân, does this phone manage khổng lồ still feel pretty premium despite a wallet-friendly price tag? Let"s take a look.
In the box:Moto G5S PlusUSB standard-A lớn micro-USB cableWall chargerSIM toolRead-me bookletSafety guide


A high-unique metal build elevates the Moto lớn G5S Plus out of budget-phone territory

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)


5.75 x 2.81 x 0.31 inches

146.1 x 71.4 x 7.9 mm


5.61 oz (159 g)

The face of the Moto lớn G5S Plus is largely taken up by its 5.5-inch screen, which we"ll look further inkhổng lồ in just a moment, flanked by the phone"s fingerprint scanner below and earpiece and front-facing camera hardware up top – which includes the welcome rarity of a front-facing LED flash.

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Exceptional brightness helps this screen stand out
The screen on the Moto G5S Plus is pretty typical: nothing fancy here lượt thích curved edges or an extra-tall aspect ratio. Instead, we get a perfectly ordinary 5.5-inch LCD with a 1080 x 19đôi mươi resolution. While that"s the biggest display on any of the Molớn G5-series handsets, they all share the same 1080p resolution, making this also the least pixel-dense in the process. Thankfully, at this kích cỡ we"re still compact enough that it never becomes a problem, and the panel here looks nice và sharp.Brightness isn"t bad at all, and while the limit is a little conservative sầu when you"re manually adjusting screen output, in auto-brightness mode the phone"s right up there with the higher-performing phones we"ve recently analyzed, including the iPhone X. That can make the G5S Plus a smart choice for users who will be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Interface & Functionality

Moto lớn software continues lớn impress with unique gesture controls
Lenovo ships the Mokhổng lồ G5S Plus with Android 7.1 Nougat, augmented with the familiar Moto lớn Android flair that sticks pretty cthất bại to lớn stochồng while also adding in some fun and useful new interactions. Like plenty of other Molớn phones we"ve checked out, the G5S Plus enjoys a nice variety of powerful gesture controls, including possibly our favorite on any device: double-chop for flashlight. We also get khổng lồ tap into the flexibility of the phone"s fingerprint scanner for an optional one-button nav mode, treating a tap on the scanner as “home page,” và swiping left or right across as “back” và “multitask.” Once you get around the brief learning curve sầu, it"s a speedy way lớn navigate apps without cluttering up the screen with here-and-gone-again virtual buttons.In addition khổng lồ the gestures, we also get control over the Moto Display for screen-off notifications. The only slight hiccup for all of this is the somewhat unintuitive way the settings for these options are hidden in the Moto lớn ứng dụng, rather than living in system settings with all the other controls.

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Processor and Memory

Smart performance balancing keeps costs down và promotes long battery lifeMid-range phones have come a long way, và for the past few years especially, they"ve sầu been powered by some really decent silibé – & while far removed from the number-crunching abilities of a flagship device, mid-rangers these days are absolutely not hurting for the performance needed to get the vast, vast majority of điện thoại thông minh users through their days without issue.
Here, the Moto G5S Plus runs the stalwart SnapLong 625 chip, balancing solid performance with some of the lowest power requirements around. For our tests, we"re looking at the phone in its 64GB storage / 4GB RAM configuration. There"s also a 32GB/3GB option, but considering how there"s only $50 separating these two, it can make a lot of sense to go for the better-equipped hardware.Performance is right in line with other phones using this kind of hardware makeup – devices lượt thích the BlackBerry KEYone. And while that doesn"t add up to lớn silky-smooth frame rates for hardware-intensive games, it will give sầu you all the website browsing, social-truyền thông posting, & đoạn phim consumption you want without breaking a sweat.

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