Gio and giolito have a lot in common and also trea turner #nats

Over the years, K-Beauty, AKA Korean Beauty, has skyrocketed in popularity around the world. From skin hydration, luminosity, brightening, smoothing, và more, K-Beauty products have been revolutionary for all different skin types.

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Known for utilizing creams rather than powders, K-Beauty is dedicated to lớn developing products that will truly absorb inlớn the skin.

They focus on natural sources, rather than artificial ingredients. Ingredients lượt thích snail mucin, licorice root, green tea leaves, fermented rice water, & more have sầu been used for their holistic benefits.

Their makeup foundations specifically focus on cushion compacts & SPF 35 sunscreens that emphakích thước adequate blending and skin protection.

While K-Beauty continues to lớn be the pinnacle of beauty care for many, their products weren’t made with everyone in mind.

Most K-Beauty brands don’t offer shades for those with darker skin tones. With Korean beauty standards that are inclined to lighter skin, Blaông xã people are often left out of the Korean Beauty industry completely.

Fortunately, one woman is working hard lớn bridge that gap. Her name is Grace Okafor. Okafor is the founder of the first and only Black-owned K-Beauty brand made by a Blaông xã woman for Blachồng women: Dr. Gio Cosmetics.

How Dr. Gio Cosmetics Began

After moving khổng lồ Korea for work, Okafor realized that she could never find any foundation in her shade, & she wasn’t the only one.

She joined an online community of Blachồng women living in Korea và discovered that they all had the combined struggle of finding foundations in darker tones without having to lớn order them from abroad.

That’s when Okafor knew she had khổng lồ bởi something. 

“I came lớn Korea in năm ngoái, so before coming, I looked up a lot of videos lớn know what Blachồng people are going through, what I should expect, etc. So, there were a lot of videos about coming to lớn Korea. They said, ‘Make sure you come with a lot of cosmetics,’ because Korea did not have cosmetics made for people with darker skin tones. I did not know anyone who lived in Korea, so I said, ‘OK, let me get some of my cosmetics and stuff,’” Okafor explained.

However, she soon realized that there were more obstacles when it came to lớn using beauty products from outside Korea.

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She shared, “I thought I could easily go baông chồng khổng lồ Nigeria, but I have sầu not been able khổng lồ go to Nigeria since I came to lớn Korea. When I arrived in 2015, I saw that it’s not a small issue. It’s something big. You know, Korea has the world’s biggest beauty industry in the world, but they don’t have anything for Black people.”

After speaking with her online community, Okafor felt as if it was her calling to change the K-Beauty industry.

“My first intention of coming to Korea was lớn bridge the gap between Korea & Africa and the beauty industry. That’s why I created Dr. Gio, khổng lồ make K-Beauty inclusive sầu, to lớn make people who love sầu K-Beauty have sầu access to products that have been made for us.”

How Dr. Gio Combines K-Beauty with African Culture

While Dr. Gio has only just introduced a few products to get started so far, Okafor has many ideas on the horizon. One of those ideas is incorporating her Nigerian culture in the Korean culture of the K-Beauty br&, specifically with quality & nutrient-rich ingredients native to Nigeria và some that are native lớn Korea. 

“I said, ‘Let’s start with the name and then through the names we can let people know where I’m coming from, what Africa is about.’ A lot of African Americans say they don’t really get taught about the African culture in American schools.”

The Dr. Gio Ultra 7 Brightening Foundation Cushion is available in six flattering shades for darker skin tones và will be adding even more in the future.

Each one is inspired và named after Nigerian tribes. For example, the color Aisha is inspired by the Hausa Tribe, while the additional colors are named after other tribes and even people in Okafor’s life. 

In the future, Okafor is hoping khổng lồ incorporate even more cultural info about each project. “We want khổng lồ include it so when you buy something, you actually know what you bought, what it stands for. We provide everything in addition lớn the ingredients. We hope khổng lồ add more cultural ingredients from Africa.”

Ingredients Make Dr. Gio’s Foundation Great for All Skin Types

Okafor stays true lớn the wonder of K-Beauty when it comes to the powerhouse natural products her cushion foundations are packed with. 

Each foundation includes SPF 50 PA+++ (sun protection), hyaluronic acid (moisture retention), collagene (skin elasticity), shea butter (softens skin), niacinamide (skin brightening & exfoliating), tea tree oil (skin soothing), adenosine (anti-aging), Vi-Ta-Min C (antioxidant & minimizes pores)and Centella Asiatica (anti-inflammatory hydration).

Each weighs 0.45 oz., và they are best for moisturizing, brightening, và anti-aging. For those with oily skin, it may be helpful khổng lồ add a translucent powder.

One of the best features of this foundation is that it’s actually developed to lớn work with face masks, specifically to lớn accommodate pandemic requirements without getting foundation all over the mask.

“We have sầu skin-care infused cosmetics, so you don’t need lớn worry about breaking out. So, we have certain ingredients like tea tree, etc. In Korea, everything is about natural ingredients, and they try as much as they can khổng lồ incorporate nature into lớn the beauty industry,” Okafor explains. 

A Peek at How Dr. Gio Hopes khổng lồ Expand

While Dr. Gio is already off lớn an impressive start, there are many developments to lớn come. Okafor wants customers khổng lồ be patient as more shades are being developed to lớn cover as many skin tones as possible. 

She’s also hoping that her leadership in K-Beauty inclusivity will encourage other brands khổng lồ vì chưng the same.

“I believe in K-Beauty. I’m paving a way that tomorrow you might begin to see a lot of shades for Blaông xã people & dark skin tones. Once big companies see what I’m doing, I’m not sure, but I might be the one holding the light for them, which is good, which is actually what I want,” Okafor says.

She realizes that large K-Beauty companies have the means to truly develop & expvà their color offerings to lớn a broad amount of audiences, something that it’s difficult for smaller and newer companies like hers to vị.

“With what I’m doing today, they can create a line that is for us. They have the facilities, they have sầu the retìm kiếm, the everything. So, now they can underst& that we need this & create something for us, which will make it widespread và accessible to lớn more people. I think in, give sầu or take, the next two or three years, K-Beauty for Blachồng people will be huge.”

Dr. Gio is looking to expvà shades soon, so fans can keep an eye out for new options to lớn come. The Dr. GIO Ultra 7 Brightening Foundation Cushions are around $35 USD not including shipping costs.

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BGN is certainly excited lớn see how Dr. Gio impacts the K-Beauty industry, hopeful catalyzing more an array of new options and products.

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