The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out In Windows 10

While entering the Windows 10 system, if a user mistakenly enters the wrong password for several times, he may see the following message on his computer screen – The referenced trương mục is currently locked out and may not be logged on to. This is typically seen with not just the users who are running the Local Administrator account – but even Standard users are not immune. The main course of action that should be followed khổng lồ resolve this problem is to wait for, say, 30 minutes và then try again.

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The referenced tài khoản is currently locked out

This happens if you or your system administrator or tên miền controller had configured the Account lockout threshold policy earlier. In this case, it is advisable lớn wait for 30 minutes or the waiting time that may have sầu been phối by the system administrator. Once over, you can repeat the signing process with the correct credentials.Having logged in successfully, the system administrator needs khổng lồ bởi vì the following.Type gpedit.msc in Start Search and hit Enter to open the Local Group Policy Editor.Now, from Local Group Policy window clichồng on Security Settings và from the submenu displayed navigate to lớn Account Policy > Account Lockout Threshold.
Here, access the main panel of the window & double cliông chồng on Account lockout threshold policy.When ‘Account lockout threshold Properties window shows up, select the Local Security Setting tab and under ‘Account will not lock out’ heading, change the preset value to lớn ‘0’.
Cliông xã OK và then Apply lớn allow the changes to take effect. Restart Windows.

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That’s it!Please note, if you are using a local computer with a single admin tài khoản, which has no Account lockout threshold policies’ settings configured then, you should follow a different course of action.If you have forgotten your password, then you should reset your password using a Password Rephối Disk. However, you should have created such a disk earlier.Now see how you can harden Windows Login Password Policy.


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