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IMPORTANT INFORMATION:Your country/region is United States of America & payment will be charged in US Dollar (USD).According khổng lồ regulations of the Ministry of Finance, E-VAT invoices are only issued for payment in VND.In case of paying by other currency, you may change website country/region (clichồng here).

Please note that Vietnam Airlines will move sầu our operations in Moscow - Russia from Domodedovo (DME) airport to lớn Sheremetyevo (SVO) airport as from July 2, 2019

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* Only apply for pay later reservations made via website or Vietnam Airlines application.
Ticket refunds are permitted when customers buy tickets online. They are not permitted when customers buy tickets at ticket offices or through agents.
Within 72 hours after receiving an gmail notification of tickets và ancillary services purchased on Vietphái nam Airlines" trang web và tiện ích, please loginhere to declare Value Added Tax (VAT) invoice information.

The tự động flight cancellation is applied for tickets purchased on Vietnam giới Airlines" website/tiện ích only.

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Thương Mại Dịch Vụ đón tiễn nhanh khô trên trường bay, hỗ trợ các giấy tờ thủ tục liên quan mang lại du khách, hành lý trước lúc bay/sau khi đi trên chuyến bay, góp rút ngắn buổi tối nhiều thời gian đợi đợi/làm cho thủ tục tại sân bay.

TripCARE Travel Insurance

TripCARE, a collaboration between PVI and Chubb, covers up lớn 1.6 bil VND for Personal Accident, Medical Expense và Travel Inconvenience; supports Worldwide Medical Emergency Assistance 24/7.

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TripCARE can be purchased by Visa/MasterCard/JCB and Vietnam giới local payment thẻ with pay now method.

By selecting TripCARE, I acknowledge và agree with Benefits, Policy Wordings & Declaration & Authorization.

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