Have sầu you heard of Yamakhổng lồ Nadeshiko? If so, congratulations on your wisdom about Japanese culture, but I ask you to continue reading. If not, well, this text is for you. I believe that many men know what their perfect woman should be lượt thích. Of course, people who don't care much about appearance also have their opinion.

What matters is that we have sầu an image of the woman in question ... But of course, having that image and finding a person who matches that image are two very different things. We can say that the chance is as remote as lightning strikes someone's head.

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But the important thing is to lớn dream… Anyway, what I mean is that human beings have sầu always tended lớn develop an image of what a perfect person would be like. Since the Egyptians, human beings already worshiped their Pharaohs as some deity. After that, kings, emperors, leaders in general, had their great tóm tắt of worship.

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You may think this is bullshit, but finding it just indicates that you don't pay attention to lớn your surroundings. For example, what is your favorite idol? A Hollywood actor? A singer? An artist?


Anyway, there are others, but with these you can already pass the idea. And yes, a woman with these characteristics is the igiảm giá khuyến mãi type for the Japanese. In an honorable mention, we can talk about the term “guitar body”. Of course, it doesn't compare in depth of feelings, but I don't remember another one (leave an opinion below).

But anyway, Yamato Nadeshiko is what we gọi a floral metaphor. Which is nothing less when we have sầu a flower name for something other than the flower. For example, we use "rose" khổng lồ compliment a girl's beauty ...

Anyway, the term itself comes when we add the words Yamalớn & nadeshiko. Yamalớn is an old name for Japan. Nadeshiko, on the other hvà, is a delicate pink carnation called Dianthus superbus, whose kanji translates into English as "caring child".

Beware of term Yamato nadeshiko

Finally, it is good lớn explain a part that may have been confused. The term "Yamato nadeshiko" is often used to lớn refer to a modest woman or young woman. In addition, it is used in a contemporary context, which is marked by the nostalgia of women with good features. After all, these are becoming increasingly rare.

Therefore, we can already say that there is no point in putting the term Yamato lớn Nadeshiko in any woman. It must have in itself the characteristics already mentioned, or at least the majority. After all, not every beautiful woman has a good personality, or is a good person.